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MISSION: Multi-Net Solutions, Inc. (MNSI) is committed to assisting small to medium sized companies realize the full power of their existing and potential information system resources. Whether you are an individual or represent a fifty-plus workstation networking user, MNSI seeks technology based solutions that meet specific business needs by understanding the demands of the businesses that drive them. MNSI makes a preliminary analysis of a firm's business environment, previous office automation level, and staff experience with software. We develop a thorough understanding of the end user's applications and system requirements. We then research and specify quick, complete and comprehensive solutions with price quotations. MNSI will not leave out components needed to do the job right because we are concerned with your long term interest. Our solutions do not include items that are not essential in tying your diverse information system resources together into an affordable, cohesive system.

Multi-Net's quick delivery and installation is followed by thorough system testing. Our user support is ongoing, beginning with educational and training programs and continued with a customer support call system. Our focus is short term and long term customer satisfaction.  We perform any warranty service promptly and will back our sale with a system maintenance agreement. Multi-Net's design philosophy is to provide the ability for upgrades to keep pace with your changing needs without a complete overhaul. Through Multi-Net's solutions you can finally realize the full power of your information systems resources. Your organization's diverse resources are integrated into a cohesive information system. Your staff can be better informed, more productive and more responsive.

BACKGROUND: Multi-Net Solutions was founded in February 1994 by Curtis T. Wesolowski, President. He saw the need for an information system resource company that was capable of giving organizations value, choice, sound technical expertise and complete, comprehensive support of their information system resources. Curtis felt that the challenge of personal support and service was not being addressed adequately in businesses experiencing the problem of fast growth and success. The ability to provide continuing support and service is what distinguishes Multi-Net from its competitors. Multi-Net's corporate philosophy is to provide outstanding products and services with the information, education, and personal involvement that new technology requires. Office locations in Creve Coeur, Missouri and Alton, Illinois has been an advantage in providing responsive service to our clients on both sides of the river. Our experience in network design, system analysis, and hardware/software sales has been in a multitude of markets. We primarily market to small (1-9 workstations) and medium (10-150 workstations) organizations.

The fastest growing part of our business is network management consulting. Many rapidly growing and successful companies need continuing assistance in managing their information system environment and staff. They are not, however, to the point of needing a full time network management consultant.

MNSI now contracts with organizations to offer network management consulting on an as needed basis. Initially, our time is spent untangling and streamlining an organization's information system operation. On an ongoing basis, we emphasize increasing productivity by providing immediate answers to questions and solutions to problems.

We also plan for the future, so your organization continues on its path to success without the overhead to strangle it. Information systems is the way to get ahead of competitors with better and faster access to information at the executive and staff levels

Our focus is short term and long term customer satisfaction. We perform any warranty service promptly and back our sale with a system maintenance agreement. The majority of our business is from referrals, and our future depends on your satisfaction.


Providing solutions for businesses and residences since 1994